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Low Radiation Dose CT

Delivering Exceptional Low Radiation Dose Technology

Imaging Central uses a state of the art Siemens 128 detector CT has that offers the same low radiation dose technology as, including:
  • Safire Iterative Reconstruction: reduces image noise and improves image quality.
  • CARE Dose kV: Reduces minimum amount of power required to produce clear images. Care Dose kV can provide up to an additional 60% dose reduction.
  • CARE Dose 4D: Automatically adapts radiation dose to the size and shape of the patient, the region scanned and the angle, without reducing image quality.
  • Lead shielding: is also used to protect certain body parts from unnecessary radiation where practicable.
  • Imaging Central includes the dose achieved on all reports where diagnosis was performed using computed tomography. Your referring practitioner is provided this information.