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256 slice scanner

Imaging Central uses the latest, high-specification 256 slice CT scanner. So why use Imaging Central for your CT scan and what is the benefit of higher technology for patient and referring physician? In simple terms: less radiation exposure (safer), in less time, delivering clearer, faster results and better patient outcomes.
How does Imaging Central achieve this on their state of the art 256 slice CT scanner?

Advanced hardware – Imaging Chain
The 256 slice CT machine’s components are of the highest specification. They are more efficient at handling and processing X-ray signal, thus delivering high-quality diagnostic images, with fewer resources.

The curved signal collector makes maximum use of X-rays. The imaging chain system minimises loss and maximises signal usage; resulting in faster, clearer, lower-dose images.
Advanced software I.M.R. – Iterative Model-based Reconstruction.
By knowing where, when and why image noise will occur when taking an image; the CT scanner uses knowledge-based model reconstruction to accurately improve the image, without having to apply more radiation. Therefore, radiation is reduced while simultaneously improving image quality.

What does IMR look like in practice? – Lung nodule screening example…

Standard Reconstruction (FBP)

Reduced noise, at lower dose and higher image contrast.

Raw image before IMR.
Processed final image using IMR.
Low contrast resolution
Metal artefact lens flare reduction gives a clearer image, even vs 3T MRI.

Lesion detected on CT and confirmed with MR

Scan speed – detailed studies in short scan times.

Whole heart scan in 2 heart beats.
Scan taken in 2 – 3 seconds
3D modelling with improved low injected contrast detection
E.g., renal scans at low doses at low injected contrast levels.

Low image contrast resolution with IMR – for detection of small and subtle differences.

Standard Reconstruction (FBP)

Dose reporting
Imaging Central includes the dose achieved on all reports where diagnosis was performed using CT. Your referring practitioner is provided this information.