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Billing Policy

Imaging Central is a private billing practice that bulk-bills all university students, pensioner and healthcare card holders. X-ray is generally bulk billed for all GP or specialist referred patients. Ultrasound and CT appointments may be eligible for bulk billing at certain times. Please speak to our friendly reception staff.

The Federal Government, through Medicare, offers a rebate for most examinations performed at Imaging Central. The rebates have been frozen for 20 years and the industry awaits the introduction of indexation for Diagnostic Imaging. The difference between the fee charged by Imaging Central and the rebate from Medicare is referred to as the gap. The gap is your out-of-pocket expense after the rebate is received.

The fee charged by Imaging Central and the rebate available through Medicare varies dependent on the examination or procedure. You will be informed of the fee, the rebate and the gap at the time of making an appointment. You will also be notified if no Medicare rebate applies.

It is our policy to maintain an ethical price point consistent with the highest level of service patient affordability. Our fees are competitive with other radiology providers in the central and western suburbs. Patients must pay the full fee immediately following the service unless by prior agreement.

If you foresee having financial difficulty in affording the referred service, we ask that you please speak with our reception to staff to discuss options for bulk billing.
If your examination or procedure relates to a Workers Compensation claim, Motor Vehicle Accident claim or you are a DVA patient, please notify us at the time of booking so that we may quote you accurately and inform you of any billing policy that may relate to your circumstances.

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