maging Central places emphasis on general and interventional ultrasounds services. This has been brought about by the installation of a third ultrasound machine in December 2017. The latest addition of the Philips EPIQ ultrasound is a welcome technological advancement. Our sonographers are able to perform general diagnostic ultrasounds but also more advanced assessment such as shear-wave elastography (liver fibrosis assessment). The high-frequency linear transducer scan on the EPIQ is also providing impressive musculoskeletal imaging. We encourage you to referrers and patients to visit us for elastography to assess liver fibrosis, musculoskeletal ultrasound examinations, and nuchal translucency scans.
When considering imaging of the lumbar spine, we can try to allocate individual presentations into discrete groups. These groups will have distinctly different utilisation of diagnostic imaging. The goal of this article is to assist the referring practitioner requesting the most appropriate test.
It seems baffling to people when the doctor suggests to go for a Diagnostic imaging scan.The only idea people seem to have is that it is a scan that is related to the diagnosis of health condition.
CT (Computed Tomography) or CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scans are specialized X-ray tests that generate cross-sectional images of the body with the help of X-rays and a computer. CT scanners have substantially improved patient comfort because a scan can be done quickly.