Your Patients Low Radiation Dose

Delivering Exception Low Radiation Dose Technology

Imaging Central uses a state of the art Siemens 128 detector CT has that offers the same low radiation dose technology as, including:
  • Safire Iterative Reconstruction: provides up to 60% dose reduction.
  • CARE Dose kV: Reducing tube voltage reduces radiation exposure to patients. Care Dose kV lowers the minimum tube voltage from 80kv to 70kv. Care Dose kV can provide up to an additional 60% dose reduction.
  • CARE Dose 4D: Automatically adapts radiation dose to the size and shape of the patient, the region scanned and the angle, without reducing image quality.
  • Adaptive Dose Shield: Eliminates pre and post-spiral over-radiation. It is routine for spiral CT scanners to do an extra half rotation of the gantry before and after each scan, exposing tissue that will never be part of the image. ADS provides up to 25% dose reduction.
  • Lead shielding: is also used to protect certain body parts from unnecessary radiation where practicable.