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Your Reports and Images

Imaging Central is an environmentally friendly and modern digital practice that has invested considerably in digital modalities and digital reporting stations and software, meaning that they are not reliant upon traditional film for diagnosis and reporting.


Imaging Central has also invested in considerable technologies to allow for the digital transmission of reports and electronic images directly to referring doctors practice management software programs, laptops, tablets and even smart phones.

This has meant that on most occasions you will leave the practice without an X-ray packet or report like you may be used to elsewhere.

Being digital has meant that patients do not need to wait in the practice for their films and images, nor return to collect them. Images and reports are available to referring doctors immediately after the radiologist has finished reporting, eliminating the delay that is intrinsic with a courier reliant workflow.

Film is still available for referrers that request it; however the processing of film is now digital and not reliant on the chemical processing known as wet processing.


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