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QCT Bone Mineral Densitometry

What is a Bone Mineral Density scan?

A Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is a scan that assesses for the presence of osteoporosis, which is a condition in which bones become porous and weakened. Osteoporosis leads to a higher risk of fragility fractures. Bone Mineral Density is measured at both the spine and hip since bone mineralisation is not uniform throughout your body. While some skeletal sites may be normal, others may be osteoporotic and prone to fractures. BMD at Imaging Central Claremont utilises Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT), which is the most advanced method of assessing bone density.

Who will be performing the procedure?

A CT technician from our highly trained team at Imaging Central will be performing and guiding you through the procedure to ensure the highest quality scans are achieved.

During the scan

The scan is performed on our 128 Slice CT. The examination will take approximately 5 minutes.

Procedure risks

The scan is fast and painless. BMD only exposes you to a very small amount of radiation, equivalent to 2 hours average annual background radiation. The benefit of detecting and monitoring osteoporosis far outweighs the potential risks.


Bookings are required for this procedure.


A detailed report of your BMD assessment will be sent directly to your doctor through their preferred method. Please ensure you make a follow up appointment with your referring doctor to discuss your results.

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