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Female Pelvic Ultrasound Perth

What is a Female Pelvic Ultrasound?

A female pelvic ultrasound also uses the technology of reflected sound waves emitted and received by an ultrasound probe (also known as a transducer) to produce real-time images of soft tissue and organs. It specifically scans the uterus and ovaries.

Female pelvic ultrasound is generally used for evaluating the:

  • uterus
  • ovaries
  • bladder

Ultrasound is used to evaluate symptoms such as pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding and other gynaecological issues. The female pelvic ultrasound typically comprises of two scans: transabdominal and transvaginal.

Before the procedure

You must:

  • Drink 2-3 glasses of water (500 – 750mls)
  • Do not empty your bladder before the scan (if you feel uncomfortably full, please let reception know and they will guide you).

After the transabdominal scan first, you will be asked to empty your bladder before your transvaginal scan. This scan is done to take a closer view of the ovaries and endometrium of the uterus.

During the procedure

For a transabdominal scan, an ultrasound gel will be applied before a transducer is gently pressed against the skin which will direct high-frequency sound waves into the body. These sound waves echo back and the transducer converts the reflected waves into very precise images of the body.

For a transvaginal scan, a small probe with a sterile cover will then be inserted into the vagina and you may feel the pressure of the probe and some side to side movement of the probe. This is generally not painful.

Who will be performing the procedure?

A sonographer from our highly trained team at Imaging Central will perform your scan. We have female sonographers available every day upon booking request.


Please call to make your booking and our Imaging Central Patients Services Team will assist to fit you in as soon as possible. Please remember that you MUST drink 2 – 3 glasses of water (500 – 750mls) and ensure you finish drinking it 30 minutes prior to your appointment.


The images and results will be sent to your referring doctor through their preferred method within 24 hours. Please ensure you make a follow up appointment with your referring doctor to discuss your results. We will directly phone your referring doctor with any urgent results.

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