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Musculoskeletal Injections

What is a musculoskeletal injection?

A musculoskeletal injection involves administering therapeutic doses of medications (such as corticosteroid, long-acting local anaesthetics, and sclerosants) to soft tissue structures (e.g. bursa, joint, neuroma). The injections are performed by our radiologists using imaging guidance such as our state of the art CT and ultrasound equipment to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

Who will be performing the procedure?

Our interventional radiologists are highly trained specialists in performing injections under the guidance of ultrasound equipment, ensuring the needle placement is correct. The increased accuracy of the procedure reduces discomfort and ensures higher safety and better outcomes.

Before the procedure

Whilst there is no specific preparation required on your behalf, please notify us at the time of booking if you are taking any blood thinning medications such as Aspirin, Plavix, and Warfarin. Please check this with your referring doctor, or our staff.

During the procedure

The skin in the general area of the injection site will be cleaned with an antiseptic. A local anaesthetic will then be administered via injection to the area. Our interventional radiologist will insert a needle and ensure that it is in the correct position before the medication is injected. A localised pressure may be felt however the anaesthetic will reduce discomfort. This procedure usually takes approximately 15 minutes to complete although most of this time is attributed to the prior setup period.

After the procedure

Patients able to return to light-normal activities immediately after the injection, however we usually recommend at least 24 hours of rest and avoiding high intensity activities.

Procedure Risks

The procedures are performed with local anaesthesia, although minor discomfort and bruising may still be expected. Potential side effects and procedural risks vary depending on specific injection performed. A consent form will be explained and completed before the procedure is commenced.


Bookings are required for these procedures.

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