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Nerve Root Sleeve Injection

What is a Nerve Root Sleeve Injection?

A Nerve Root Sleeve Injection (NRSI) is a procedure in which a local anaesthetic and steroid solution is injected to relieve pain from irritated and inflamed spinal nerves, which is sometimes caused by the compression of spinal discs. This procedure can be both therapeutic and diagnostic as it can also help to determine which nerve is causing the pain that you experience.

Before the procedure

There are no specific preparation requirements for this procedure. However, it is recommended to stop taking certain blood thinning medications (i.e. Aspirin, Warfarin) several days before the procedure. Your referring doctor will tell you if and when you need to discontinue the medications.

During the procedure

The NRSI will be performed by our interventional radiologist using the CT machine as guidance for pinpoint accuracy of the injection. The area of your injection will be cleaned and injected with local anaesthetic. A fine needle will then be positioned and inserted just next to the nerve where it exits from the spine. The solution of anaesthetic and steroid will then be injected after confirmation with contrast administration.

After the procedure

You may experience some limb numbness following the procedure and for this reason we advise for you to rest at the clinic for 30 minutes until you feel you are able to return home. Please organize a designated driver to take you home as driving is not allowed for the remainder of the day. It is common to experience temporary relief however the more sustainable relief develops over time.

Procedure Risks

Risks and side effects are uncommon and if they do occur they are usually minor such as temporary limb weakness.


Bookings are required for this procedure.

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