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Radiofrequency Ablation Mortons Neuroma Procedure

About Radiofrequency Ablation Mortons Neuroma Procedure

Radiofrequency ablation is a novel treatment for Morton’s neuroma performed under ultrasound guidance by our interventional radiologists at Imaging Central. The procedure involves positioning a special needle called cannula centrally within the neuroma (soft tissue mass between the toes). The cannula is gently applied to the correct position after an initial injection with local anaesthetic (numbing agent). The tip of the electrode is monitored with ultrasound to ensure it is most accurately positioned.

A pain management generator is then activated to provide electrical impulses to the Morton’s neuroma. This is generally performed for 4-5 minutes at a temperature ranging 60-80 degrees. The procedure is very well tolerated; however, there may be mild discomfort during the procedure and for up to one week following a procedure.

After the procedure

The post procedure instructions include elevating the limb, applying ice on a regular basis for 24 hours and not part taking in weight bearing exercise for at least 72 hours. There is no requirement to wear a Moon boot or Cam walker. It is unlikely you will require crutches. Simple analgesic medication is helpful including Panadol or anti-inflammatory treatment.

The success rate of radiofrequency ablation is approximately 70-90%. This is comparable to ethanol ablation treatment. In fact, there is a trial being undertaken at UWA and Imaging Central evaluating which of the two treatments is most successful. Both ablation techniques have been shown to be more durable and effective than corticosteroid injections and less invasive than surgical excision of Morton’s neuroma. There is still the option of neuroma excision by a specialist podiatry or orthopaedic surgeon in the future should the pain continue despite ablation treatments.


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