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View the latest information about the range of services that Imaging Central provides in diagnostic and pain management for Perth patients.


View available appointment times for computed tomography (CT) and ultrasound in Perth and make a secure online appointment.

Low Radiation Dose

Read about the new technologies and innovative new procedures Imaging Central utilises to continually reduce the radiation dose.

Billing Policy

We are a private billing practice that bulk-bills pensioners and healthcare card holders only.

About Imaging Central

Imaging Central is a premier diagnostic and interventional radiology clinic in Claremont, Perth. The practice was founded in 2010 by independent radiologists. The clinic remains focused on clinical care under the direction of Dr Mark Hamlin, consultant radiologist.

Our group of imaging specialists are passionate on delivering the best practice currently available internationally. They have undergone medical school training, and speciality training in radiology and cardiology. Our specialists have gained international experience and brought these skills with them to Perth and Imaging Central. Imaging Central has a dedicated musculoskeletal ultrasound service to diagnose sporting injuries and other causes of joint and extremity pain.

We believe that patient care should come first whether you are undergoing a digital X-ray, a CT scan, or an advanced interventional procedure. The practice is also built around minimising patient radiation exposure from medical procedures. At Imaging Central, our X ray uses the latest digital X-ray equipment to yield optimum image quality at high resolution, with less radiation exposure due to advanced engineering technology. Our CT scans are capable of reducing the radiation dose by 60%-80%. We are the only radiology provider in Perth that includes the low radiation dose achieved on our diagnostic CT reports. Imaging Central has a dedicated musculoskeletal ultrasound service to diagnose sporting injuries and other causes of joint and extremity pain.

Imaging Central Philosophy

We place the referrer and patient at the centre of everything we do because we believe this delivers the best outcomes. Customising services to our referrer’s needs and personalising treatments individually to patients’, means we deliver fast, complete diagnosis’ with the greatest possible care.

A focus on cutting edge technology and integration with the latest treatment techniques, empowers our philosophy to simply do things better.

Highly qualified, dedicated personnel and a sharp focus on service delivery and improvement underpins continuity of care for referrers and patients alike.

Imaging Central is also the trusted provider of diagnostic imaging to many of Perth’s top specialist physicians.

Incorporating a renowned pain consultation and intervention service; we strive to provide a timely, comprehensive solution.

We invite you to experience the difference.

Pain Management Clinic Perth

Interventional radiologists are on site daily to provide image guided interventions at all times. Imaging Central is also affiliated with Painsense clinic, therefore enabling integrated diagnostic and procedural pain management. Dr Hamlin is available to consult your patients and formulate management plans to optimise their condition and manage chronic pain.