NeuroQuant MRI

What is a NeuroQuant MRI and what information does it provide?

A NueroQuant MRI is a volumetric MRI designed to map 11 brain regions for microscopic changes. A specific MRI sequence needs to be run for the NueroQuant software to process the results obtained from your scan. Imaging Central is a NeuroQuant Centre and performs the required protocol.

Imaging Central has built the software sequence according to Cortech Labs specifications in to its processes and produce the NeuroQuant report in house, to be sent to your referring Doctor after your scan.


What is required to prepare for a NeuroQuant MRI?

No specific preparation is required for this scan. Normal MRI procedure will be followed and information on this can be found at our main MRI page.

What else can Imaging Central do for NeuroQuant patients?

For patients who may have had the scan done elsewhere but have not obtained the report, Imaging Central can produce the report only for a $200 fee. The scan plus report fee is $495.

For more information see https://www.cortechslabs.com/neuroquant/

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