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Workers Compensation

Imaging Central manages the approvals process with insurers on behalf of the patient, whilst also remaining in communication with the referrer throughout. Bookings are required for all workers compensation and insurance claims in order to provide:

  • The most appropriate handling of patients’ claims.
  • Proper assessment by the relevant insurer of patients’ claim submission.
  • Complete assessment of the patients’ needs, to determine the safest, most prompt route to recovery.
  • Coordinate and communicate treatment plans to all relevant physicians responsible for patients’ care.

Imaging Central also offers renowned interventional and pain management services, many of which have been developed in partnership with industry leading professionals and research facilities.

  • Pain specialist consultations (via PainSense) are available each week (7 – 10 business day wait time) at Imaging Central. Access to this service is by referral letter and complements our interventional and diagnostic imaging services, thus providing a complete solution for referrers.
  • Interventional radiology is offered through a comprehensive list of procedures. These are supported by our expert nursing and knowledgeable bookings staff.
  • Pre-approval is also required for image-guided interventions.
  • If a patient is referred via PainSense, a copy of the PainSense report and copy of a quotation both go to the insurer.

Online Appointments

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