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Which is the best CT scan clinic in Perth?

If you need to have a CT scan in Perth, contact one of the best imaging teams at Imaging Central. You can book here in your CT scan appointment or book online.

Perth Imaging Central is located in Claremont. The CT scans are performed using a Siemens 128 slice CT scanner that is capable of up to 60%-80% radiation dose reduction.

About Imaging Central

Imaging Central is a premier diagnostic and interventional radiology clinic in Claremont, Perth. The practice was founded in 2010 by independent radiologists. The clinic remains focused on clinical care under the direction of Dr Mark Hamlin, consultant radiologist.

At Imaging Central, interventional radiologists provide image-guided interventions at all times. Imaging Central is also affiliated with PainSense clinic. Thus, it enables integrated diagnostic and procedural pain management. Dr. Mark Hamlin is available to consult your patients and formulate management plans to optimise their condition.

Imaging Central CT service is also a superior provider of cardiac CT scans including calcium score, and CT coronary angiography. The team has in excess of 50 years combined experience with performing and reporting these scans.

Imaging Central employs a state of the art Siemens 128 detector CT that offers low radiation dose technology. It includes:

  • Safire Iterative Reconstruction: lowers image noise and improves image quality.
  • CARE Dose kV: lowers minimum amount of power required to produce clear images.
  • CARE Dose 4D: Automatically adapts radiation dose to the size and shape of the patient, the region scanned and the angle.
  • Lead shielding is also used to protect certain body parts from unnecessary radiation.

What is a CT scan?

Computed Tomography is a scanning test that uses multiple X-rays to create pictures of sections of your body. Imaging Central uses a cutting-edge Multi detector CT for very short scan times. It produces top-quality image quality.

Patients who require a CT scan in Perth are required to lie on a flat and narrow bed. The bed moves in and out of a short tube. It is then that a high-tech computer analyses the detected X-rays and converts the data to a series of 2D and 3D images for your radiologist to examine.

How to prepare for your CT scan at Imaging Central?

On the day of the CT scan, you need to remember to bring any previous X-ray, CT or other medical imaging films or reports that you have. Your radiologist needs to compare to the previous films to assess the current examination.

Metal objects like watches, keys, coins, and jewelry can impact the images. These objects may need to be removed. You are usually provided with a gown to wear instead of your own clothes.

You need to notify the doctor if you are pregnant or think that you may be pregnant.

You might be administered with a contrast for your CT, either orally, directly through your bloodstream or both. Tell your doctor and Imaging Central staff if you have an allergy to the contrast that is composed of Iodine.

At the time when you make arrive for a CT scan that will require intravenous contrast, you will go through a screening process to ensure that it is safe for you to have it.

There are other factors that include kidney function and diabetic status which might mean you be required to have a blood test prior to your scan.

Why Imaging Central?

At Imaging Central, the group of imaging specialists is highly passionate about delivering the best practice that is currently available internationally. It is made sure that the team has undergone medical school training and specialty training in radiology and radiography. The specialists here have gained international experience and brought these skills with them to Perth and Imaging Central. Imaging Central has a dedicated musculoskeletal ultrasound service to diagnose sporting injuries and other causes of joint and extremity pain.

They believe that patient care is the first priority. The practice is created around minimising patient radiation exposure from medical procedures. At Imaging Central, the X-ray uses the latest digital X-ray equipment to yield optimum image quality at high resolution, with less radiation exposure due to advanced engineering technology. Also, the CT scans are capable of reducing the radiation dose by 60%-80%.

Imaging Central is the only radiology provider in Perth that includes the low radiation dose achieved on our diagnostic CT reports. Imaging Central has a separate musculoskeletal ultrasound service to diagnose sporting injuries and other causes of joint and extremity pain.